İlkbahar – Yaz 2015 Şapka ve Baş Aksesuarı Trendleri


Spring/ Summer 2015 Headwear Trend #1: Panama and Bucket Hats

Panama hats, as well as those uber-cute and casual bucket hats are probably the most frequently encountered headwear pieces of almost every warm season. The typical summer inspired and effortlessly beautiful panama and bucket hats are the leaders here, coming presented with a number of colors and design interpretations, each having something unique and creative about it. Christian Wijnants, Karen Walker and Elie Tahari are some of the fashion houses suggesting opting for girlish bucket hats for casual chic summer looks, while classic panama hats in darker shades are the say of Martin Grant.


Spring/ Summer 2015 Headwear Trend #2: Boater Hats

Ideal for wearing to a picnic or for a summer stroll, pretty boater hats form the next enchanting headwear trend for spring 2015. Since many public school uniforms include a boater hat and the Olympia Le Tan SS 2015 line was all about school girl style, we saw some lovely boater hats during the brand’s fashion show, where cute boater hats were worn with some altered positions and featured the traditional creamy shade. In line with such traditional straw boater hats, we also some innovative shades and materials, like in case of Agnes B., where the straw hat came in a black tone, while Saint Laurent presented colorful options with slight masculine notes.


Spring/ Summer 2015 Headwear Trend #3: Floppy Hats

Floppy hats are the best headwear options you can go for to build up beautiful, feminine bohemian looks. Moreover, these hats are versatile enough to be sported both to the street and to the beach, which is why many designers gave preference to floppy hats for styling their summer outfit creations. We especially love the stylish seventies mood of the floppy hats we saw at Paul & Joe, where besides the monochrome brown or navy blue floppy hats, we also saw lovely printed options. On the other hand, Rebecca Minkoff stunned with the oversized floppy hats coming in a variety of shades, from nude to bright. J.W. Anderson and Koonhor decided to add an edgy and powerful spin to oversized floppy hats, playing in the zone of textures, including black leather and some see-through touches.



Spring/ Summer 2015 Headwear Trend #4: All Forms of Caps

Caps form the next spectacular and quite noteworthy spring/ summer 2015 headwear trend we would like to speak about, especially concentrating on the altered and renovated vibes that many of them this time present. The texture and the material are also diverse, encompassing details from different styles, different combos and different ideological grounds. For instance, we may speak about the police-inspired caps from Tommy Hilfiger, in case of which leather was matched with shimmery textures. Manish Arora dazzled with the totally new shapes of the colorful and cute pink with yellow caps adorned with lavish jewelry details. Olympia Le Tan unveiled slightly oversized and differently colored school caps featuring such design details as tassels of golden shade, while Moschino opted for the traditional baseball cap in the iconic pink shade embellished with metallic letters. Unconventional caps could be seen at Akris and Jean Paul Gaultier, while Polo Ralph Lauren stayed true to the classic and causal mixture of styles all put on the background of white tones. Mara Hoffman and Kate Spade brought forth the sporty-inspired and colorful options.


Spring/ Summer 2015 Headwear Trend #5: Masculine Inspired Hats

Masculine inspiration is the following noteworthy vibe that we would like to note here, especially concentrating on the curious ways of combining the classic forms of hats with the tough attitude and the tough style, creating absolutely unique and awesome silhouettes. Thus for inspiration you may have a look at the suggestions from Saint Laurent, in case of which we saw the mysterious and creative classics of black boater hats turning the models into Mafiosi and adding a really spectacular hue to the looks. Mara Hoffman decided to add a summery and feminine spin to the classic fedora hat, presenting the slightly elongated nude straw fedora hats, while Tibi mixed Asian and South African motifs with the traditional top hat, coming up with the elongated handmade dip-dyed designs. Margaret Howell feminized the iconic bowler hat, making it look so timeless and classy in the black shade.


Spring/ Summer 2015 Headwear Trend #6: Wide-Brim Sun Hats

Wide brim sun hats can’t but be in the list of the best spring/ summer 2015 hat trends, since they are the ideal options to protect you from the sun rays, while making you look utterly feminine and elegant. Quite spectacular and noteworthy were the oversized and extremely protective wide-brim sun hats from Chalayan, the floppy-inspired options from Karen Walker coming with the combination of scarfs wrapped around the head and the neck, and the wide-brim hats from Tess Giberson and Agnes B.


Spring/ Summer 2015 Headwear Trend #7: Rain Hats

Casual chic rain hats comes to make those rare rainy summer days brighter and more fashionable for you, however, you are sure to love this trend so much as to wear such hats on a daily basis. Consider the girly droopy rain hats of Max Mara featuring various shades and patterns, and if you want to add a subtle masculine vibe to your look, you can go for the safari rain hats of Ralph Lauren.


Spring/ Summer 2015 Headwear Trend #8: Cavalier and Pirate Hats

Coming to pieces in case of which the renovation and comeback of vintage and classy vibes are taken to even high proportions, we simply can’t but note the uber luxurious and glamorous cavalier hats coming with a range of contemporary details and vibes. For instance, you can check out the exclusive cowboy inspired cavalier hats from Jean Paul Gaultier, which immediately take us to the era of the Three Musketeers, as well as those from Agnes B. Creative are also the absolutely stunning yet at the same time absolutely unexpectedly good-looking pirate-type hats from Vivienne Westwood Red Label, each of which comes with something unique and special grounded by the peculiarities that the era they represent brings with them thus marking the stylish comeback of a number of forgotten yet really tryworthy vibes and styles, which deserve to be taken to our modern looks.


Spring/ Summer 2015 Headwear Trend #9: Knitted Hats

Knitted hats and beanies are the next accessorizing details in our list we can’t but speak about, noting such details as comfort and youthfulness accompanying each and every piece from this list. As you might have guessed, the color variations are diverse and really creative too, suggesting trying both bright and muted, calmer tones, completing the images they come in perfectly. Thus, we may note the beanie-type alternatives from Blugirl and Devastee suggesting the classic and comfortable combination of the messily styled straight hair with shades like gray and black. Agnes B. came up with the experimental multiply folded alternatives, Polo Ralph Lauren with the sporty and comfortable silhouettes, while warm and colorful were the knitted hats from Kate Spade.


Spring/ Summer 2015 Headwear Trend #10: Turbans and Headscarves

From turbans to bandanas and scarfs, the following spring 2015 headwear trend really manages to take its important position in the range of stylish fashion accessories, capable of totally transforming your looks. The stylish inclinations range from retro to neomodern and ethnic-inspired and may introduce such examples as the kerchiefs from Bibhu Mohapatra, the bandana-type pieces from Derek Lam, the totally curious and creative turbans from Missoni designed with identical patterns and prints as the garments they come matched with, as well as the net-like kerchiefs from Emanuel Ungaro, with the mysterious Arabic inspired turbans from Saint Laurent and others. No less creative are the options presented by Nicholas K with the easy-going yet enigmatic and intense combo of the bronze kerchiefs with the identically shaded eye makeup, Moschino with the simplified and iconic shawl-like pieces and Chalayan, where headscarves were attached to futuristic sunglasses.



Spring/ Summer 2015 Headwear Trend #11: Unusual and Strange Hats

No matter how hard we tried to fit these pieces into one of the headwear categories we spoke about earlier, there was no exact option that appeared to be suitable for the pieces we are going to present now. Weird is probably the best keyword for describing the range of the unusual hats included here. Thus we are speaking about the ultra-innovative or maybe ultra-crazy interpretations from Vivienne Westwood, who didn’t just take something old or traditional, but did something beyond the human imagination turning baskets into hats! So yes, what else if not a reversed basket with some exquisite floral accessories may become a hat for matching the experimental and modern pieces? Adorning them with a range of details like bows, flowers, feathery elements and completing all with the unnaturally heavy and bright makeup, the designer managed to create some quite unusual looks to put it mildly.

Coming to other “calmer” alternatives we may also speak about the interesting wooden hats from John Galliano presenting these pieces as the key designs for the contrast with the rest of the garments. In addition, we should mention the deconstructed forms of wide-brim hats from Issey Miyake coming with all-white silhouettes and a diversity of layers, overlapping parts and hints of the classic shapes, the golden helmets from Cynthia Rowley, the Japanese hats from KTZ, the layered designs from Koonhor, the absolutely sick hats from Thom Brown, as well as the elongated and oversized hats from Donna Karan.



Spring/ Summer 2015 Headwear Trend #12: Regal Crowns and Fascinators


Opulent crowns and fascinators worked out in a myriad of ways, from florals and jewels to fluffy details, come to make your important events of the new season unbelievably glamorous and chic. Regal crowns, as expected, were the jaw-dropping headwear pieces completing the looks of the newest Dolce & Gabbana designs, while Emanuel Ungaro used plastic floral-shaped fascinators to add drama to the overall scene. Manish Arora turned to highly bejeweled headwear pieces, and in case of Desigual (which is one of the first fashion houses we think of when hearing colors) it were the bohemian floral crowns adorning the heads of the models and matching the colorful pieces.


The big diversity of the spring/ summer 2015 headwear trends will hardly leave anyone indifferent towards headpieces, even those always shying away from hats. What you may do now is just pick the right hats and headwear pieces that are affordable and suitable for you, thus adding some peculiar and cute complementing details to your summer looks. Here you have great pieces for lying in the sun on the beach, for hanging around with friends, or for just attending some important events. The trick is being able to feel the style inclination of each piece and to match it correctly with the rest of the garments

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